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"I would recommend this book to any parent who is dealing with a deceitful and dishonest school district. Let's face it, there are no penalties for the people who work for the school district. No one ever gets fired or reprimanded. I wonder how they sleep at night. It is amazing that they can live with themselves, harming the most innocent and defenseless of our children. JoAnn Collins covers all of the angles you need to defend your child against the Special Education Dragons."

​Special Education Dragon Slayer

"I love the powerful opening and the ten step roadmap!"

"This book breaks down complex topics for parents into bite size pieces and creates an accessible roadmap to successfully navigate the challenging special education system."

​​By reading this book You will: 
• Develop proficiency with federal and state disability and special education laws (IDEA 2004, Section  504, and FERPA) to level the playing field, and empower your successful  navigation through the special  education  maze.

• Gain knowledge on proactive steps to take to get a comprehensive IEE or IEE at public expense for your child  (that will hold up in a due process  hearing); to determine your child’s  disabilities and needed  special education and related services. You will develop knowledge on questions to ask 

potential evaluators, red flags to show that you may need to choose another evaluator, and the process  to find a qualified independent  evaluator.

• Discover how to successfully  navigate the IEP maze, overcome  roadblocks and become a meaningful participant in your child’s IEP, and  get needed special education and  related services for your child.

• Learn to overcome school’s denial  of a free appropriate public  education (FAPE) by accessing school choice, charter schools, school  vouchers, tax benefits for paying for  services, and private school/services at public expense or perhaps home  schooling.


Amazon Review

"I found JoAnn's first book to be a tool that made the world of advocacy for my children less intimidating. Ours was, and continues to be a long journey, particularly for one child. I found reading her book was similar to grabbing a hand-rail on a stair. It was very grounding with specific and accessible content. It was a critical primer that was written in a way that I found interesting. Some of the other texts would bore me to death, which was a BAD thing as I really needed to be clear on so much of this"

"I am an advocate and I will be using this book often. Everyone can benefit now from what she has learned in the many years the author has successfully advocated and helped families.
JoAnn Collins has done the hard research for you. This book is filled with straightforward information addressing a broad range of special education issues

This book has lots of resources to include letters from the Office of Special Education Programs to help parents in their advocacy.

  Author's Note

When my first book Disability Deception came out, I was so humbled to hear from many parents who loved the book, and could not believe that someone had finally written a book about special education and lies. I was shocked to hear this because this is such a widespread issue, that I figured many people had covered it before. One point I want to address is that I heard that Disability Deception was a "simple" book, which was my intent. I wanted my book to be accessible to all different types of parents, regardless of their knowledge of the school system. Parents felt like the book was a great introduction, but weren't sure what to do with the knowledge. so put out a second book. Slaying Special Education Dragons became a book--a ten-step simple roadmap for parents to follow as they advocate for their children.

The book is filled with lots of advocacy tips and hints that I have used in my own advocacy for over 25 years. The steps can be used individually or as a group at any time in your child's special education journey!