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"Disability Deception by JoAnn Collins is a must have for parents and advocates that need honest and truthfully information about what the school districts don't want you to know about your rights. Ms. Collins' book provides a wealth of information to include sample letters, websites and educational agencies contact information to help parents find the support they need when advocating for their children."

​"This woman knows what she speaks of. The book is easy to understand, well written, and full of info all parents of special needs children MUST KNOW. The value of this book is worth much more than you will pay for it. Aside from Wrightslaw books I have never read a better book about how to advocate and understand what is happening with the school district and your child. MUST READ!!!!!!"

Disability Deception

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​Special Education Dragon Slayer

Author's Note:

Disability Deception was my first book. The book is written so that all parents (no matter their special education knowledge) can understand and benefit from this book.

Disability Deception is written in question format, which helps parents understand the material, and answer questions that they may have. I've heard from several advocates that they recommend the book to parents.