"JoAnn is a strong advocate for families of children with disabilities. Moreover, she is an author who has written informative and engaging guides for such families. I worked with JoAnn on editing her second book and can say that she is thorough, knowledgeable, and dedicated to helping families navigate the maze that is special education." -Sandy S.

​Special Education Dragon Slayer

If you are a parent that could use some advocacy services (in Illinois or out of Illinois) please contact me. Many of the services can be done by email, fax and phone. You can finally get the help you need as you advocate for your child.

Are you the parent of a child with a disability that is trying to get a particular needed special education service for your child, with no luck? Has your child been receiving special education services for several years, but is not making academic progress? Is your child due to be tested for their three year evaluation, and you would like to know what tests to ask for? Or do you have testing that you do not understand or do not know what special education or related services to ask for  for your child?  Then you have come to the right place. 

Many of the advocacy services that I will be offering can be done by telephone, email or fax. 

Would you like an experienced advocate to look at your child's most recent school psychological evaluation, to help you determine their educational needs? Do you have a Neuro-Psychological evaluation on your child, but are confused by the complicated report, and would like an experienced person to interpret the report for you? Would you like to ask for an independent educational evaluation at public expense, but are not sure how to proceed? Have you been told things by your school district things that are not true, but you need help to determine what your next step is? or Would you like to file for a due process hearing but do not know how? Then Help is here!

I have been an educational advocate for over 20 years helping parents successfully navigate the special education system! I also have advocated at several due process hearings, and have experience in this area! Over the years I have developed the skill of being able to look at testing 
evaluations, and determine what they mean.

Services are available for an affordable fee! If you are interested in advocacy services, please send me an email at advocate60915@yahoo.com and I promise to email you as soon as possible to set up a phone call.