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Texas caught in a "cap" scandal which has denied tens of thousands of children with disabilities needed and entitled special education services!

I don't live in Texas, but have followed the scandal of how the state has imposed a "cap" on the amount of children receiving special education services since 2004 which is 12 years.  My first thought was how the U.S. Department of Education (U.S. DOE) allowed this for so many years without stopping it---then I reminded myself that the U.S. Department of Education is useless in standing up for children with disabilities!! There was a great advocate who used to say that "The U.S. DOE should be replaced by an automatic check writing machine---because of their uselessness."  Unfortunately she passed away several years ago, but I continue to agree with her. My stance has continued since I learned that the U.S. DOE learned about the "cap" in 2014 and took the TEA's "verbal" assurances that this was being done to make sure that districts were not overidentifying children with disabilities. The U.S. DOE did not ask for any written proof that this was not a "cap" but took TEA's verbal word for it!! Bad mistake---the TEA lied---they called the percentages "monitoring standards" and "benchmarks" but did not call it "caps" which the districts viewed it as!

Texas rate of special education dropped from 11.67% in 2004 to 8.5% in 2016---which is over a 3% drop. Districts and teachers reported having delayed or denied children with disabilities special education services to stay below the 8.5% "cap."

This scandal came to light when the Houston Chronicle published an investigative report on September 11, 2016 entitled: "How Texas Keeps Tens of Thousands of Children Out of Special Education."

Here are a few quotes from the article:

1. "Over a decade ago TEA arbitrarily decided what percentage of students should get special education services--8.5--and since then they have forced schools districts to comply by strictly auditing those service too many kids."

2. "Efforts have never been publicly announced---but saved the TEA billions of dollars."

3. "The national average for students receiving special education services is 13%.

4. "Educators consider 8.5% as a strict ban on serving more students (in special education)."

5. "The Chronicle investigation found that the TSA's 8.5% enrollment target has led to the systematic denial of services by school districts to tens of thousands of families across the state."

If you  would like to see the entire Houston Chronicle article go to:

http://www.houstonchronicle.com/ denied/

On October 3, 2016 the  U.S. Department of Education sent Texas a letter  stating that within 30 days the TEA  must send a response to the U.S. Department of Education and must take five steps to resolve this issue. If you would like to see the letter go to:  https://www.scribd.com/document/326304343/U-S-Department-of-Education-letter-about-Texas-special-education-enrollment-targethttps://www.scribd.com/document/326304343/U-S-Department-of-Education-letter-about-Texas-special-education-enrollment-targethttps://www.scribd.com/document/326304343/U-S-Department-of-Education-letter-about-Texas-special-education-enrollment-target.

According to a COPAA (Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates) update: The U.S. DOE directed  the state to report back in 30 days on the benchmark's impact and on which school districts across the state may have relied on it to deny special education services to children. Its findings on those districts should include "the specific steps the State will take to remedy the effect of

of such past practices,"

Here's hoping that the U.S. Department of Education will now stand up to Texas and make them now provide the needed special education services that all children in Texas needs! Good think I am an optimist.  JoAnn

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In 2006 when I decided to write a book  about special education and lies, I was   shocked to find out that nobody had beat  me to the punch, and written this type of  book. I have been lied to many times over  the years in my special education  advocacy, (for my two children and for  other children that I advocated for). In  2007 I self published “Disability  Deception.” The book was well received  by many parents, who had experienced  lies as I had.

Shortly after the book came out I heard  from a mother in Texas that said  “Disability Deception saved my sanity!” I had to chuckle about that, but the mom  went on to say that she knew something was wrong,  but could not figure out               what  it was. She stated she  loved the book and appreciated the  honesty, and the advocacy tips that are  given  throughout the book.

 To finish this blog I would like to post a  small amount of the Disability Deception  Introduction to the book: 

 “In 1984, my daughter Angelina who had a disability, turned three years old and  began to receive special education  services, through my local school       district.    It was at that time, that I was 

told the first  lie, by school personnel. The person stated  “If Angelina was to get  therapy,  I had to pay for it.” Being a 

parent, who  didn’t know my rights, Angelina received

 no therapy for  several months, 

which caused her to lose  the progress she had made in the Early  Intervention System (EIS). Another  parent  finally told me about parental and  student  rights (the Education for all 

Handicapped Children Act), and I was able to get the school district to pay for 

Angelina’s needed therapies. 

I have been lied to many times over the  years, both for my own children, and  when I am  advocating for other people’s

 children. Sometimes, I immediately 

recognized that I was being lied to, and 

other times, I did not. That is why I  decided to write this book; to  help a new generation of parents  recognize when educators are lying to  them-- and how parents, for the 

benefit of their  child, can beat educators at 

their own game. That being said, I have  had the privilege to work with some  excellent educators who  are always honest. Unfortunately, those  educators who are not truthful, give the  honest educators a bad name.”


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